Sonic Wall by artspaze is a revolutionary, 100% bleed-proof paper that prevents any ink from reaching the backside of the sheet, even if markers are applied repeatedly.

No matter which medium (alcohol-based markers, acrylic, etc.) you apply, this paper gives you the advantage of being able to start on fresh, white paper on the other side. Just turn the pages seamlessly on this 30 sheets DIN A4 and 15 sheets DIN A5 two-sided spiral-bound book and start to be creative.

It means less waste by using bother side of the sheet and preserves your markers of releasing too much ink, preventing them from wearing out.

It is totally bleed-proof even to alcohol-based markers or spray paint, yet precise lines with very thin felt-tip pens guarantee excellent results.

Sonic Wall Paper is ideal, but not limited, to the use of solvent- based markers such as layout markers or pigmented liners, etc. for applications like illustrations, graffiti, doodling and many more. Pencils, pens, felt pens and ink drawings can be used as well.

Its weight of 210 gsm offers gives you the feeling of a solid paper that does not bend when applying multiple layers of ink or paint.