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Lyra Rembrandt Aquarell Pencils

High quality watercolor pencils that allow to paint with full and vivid colors and create transitions and glazes with a wet brush, giving depth to drawings and transforming them into watercolors. They are made of pigments with high color power and water-soluble binder. A professional utensil, ideal for artistic use.

kolibri Artist Wash Brush 1014, size 1

This English wash brush in flat oval shape was made with seamless silver ferrules and has a short cedar-colored lacquered handle. The brush is completely handmade in Germany. This brush can be used mainly in watercolor, for the washed-out technique and for large-scale work also for the background, clouds, etc.. The hair is extremely absorbent and keeps the paint in the brush body for a long time.

upcrate Masking Liquid

Factis TRI 342 eraser

Elastic quality, flexible, synthetic rubber eraser. Triangular shape, 7mm thickness, for precise erasing in 3 assorted colours: white, pink and blue.

Lyra Sharpener

Metal sharpener with two openings for pencils up to 11mm in diameter. Made with blades of the best German quality.

artspaze watercolor paper 300gsm 100% cotton

The 300 g artist-quality paper is made of 100% cotton and is perfect for wet-on-wet techniques with brushes. Color can be mixed into each other to create great watercolor effects, color gradations, and add additional color to the initial color while the surface is still wet. The paper is cold pressed.

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