1. edding 751 gloss paint marker, copper

Drawing and decorating on smooth surfaces has never been easier when using edding paint markers. Gloss paint marker for highly opaque, permanent and smudge-proof writing and decorating on smooth and even dark and transparent materials, e.g. glass, metal, plastic and coated paper. With the marker’s 1-2 mm thick round and soft nib you can therefore create detailed inscriptions and decorations on glass surfaces, christmas tree baubles, biscuit tins or storage boxes. Its opaque ink provides good coverage and is perfectly durable.


  • – Wide range of brilliant high-gloss colours, especially shimmery for metallic colours
  • – Valve-system allows even inkflow for great coverage
  • – Easy and clean to use for uncomplicated, spontaneous creativity
  • – Long-lasting indoors and outdoors


  • – Shake the marker with the cap on
  • – Remove the cap
  • – Pump the marker with the nib downwards on e.g. a piece of scrap paper
  • – Carefully pump it up and down until ink fills the nib
  • – The marker is now ready to use
  • – Store horizontally

RRP: 4,59€

How to pump up edding gloss paint markers correctly:

The Allrounder:

2. edding 4085 chalk marker, white

When it comes to fine writing or elegant drawings with chalk, the edding 4085 chalk marker is undoubtedly the perfect choice. Its fine round nib releases highly opaque liquid chalk, allowing for reliable writings and markings, even in smaller areas. It is available in 20 colours and offers a broad selection for creating on smooth surfaces like blackboards, mirrors and glass.

The colours create clean lines on surfaces, yet are easily removable with a damp cloth. And with a broad selection of colours, the edding 4085 chalk marker offers options as versatile as the purposes it is used for.


  • – Easy handling – Unlike standard chalk, your hands will not get dirty
  • – Produces a more professional and elegant script or drawing – better than any chalk
  • – Wide range of brilliant colours – Moreover the fluorescent choice of colours becomes visible under UV light
  • – Cap can be stored on the end of the barrel to prevent risk of losing it
  • – Broad colour assortment
  • – High-quality brand product


  • – Shake the marker nib up with the cap on
  • – Remove the cap
  • – Pump the marker with the nib downwards on e.g. a piece of scrap paper
  • – Carefully pump it up and down until ink fills the nib
  • – The marker is now ready to use
  • – For sensitive materials (e.g. plexiglas®), we advise testing in an inconspicuous area beforehand
  • – Store horizontally or nib up

RRP: 3,99€

3. edding acrylic 3D double liner, gold

Take a close look at the flexible tube in your box – you‘ll have noticed that it has two different dispensing attachments and fits like a pen in your hand. These are perfect for applying paint in fine and broad strokes to your chosen painting surface. This gives you exciting 3D effects and structures. In addition, as in classic acrylic painting, many different techniques such as watercolour, dabbing, sgrafitto etc. can be used, which makes for a lot of fun. 

Handy: you don‘t need a brush to apply the highly pigmented artist-quality acrylic paste and the tube is always ready to use. 


  • – Use by simply pressing on the tube-like body (no brush needed)
  • – Easy and clean to use for uncomplicated, spontaneaous creativity


  • – Before use, break the cap’s tamperproof seal along the perforated line
  • – Remove the cap
  • – Gently press the tubelike body untill the acrylic paint comes out
  • – Do not use if both lids are off
  • – Store at room temperature (5-30 °C)

RRP: 7,79€

Activation of edding Acrylic 3D Double Liner:

4. edding 5100 acrylic marker medium, pastel blue & 5300 acrylic marker fine, traffic red

Grab your marker and start right away, wherever you are and no matter which idea you have in mind. With the edding Acrylics not only working on paper and canvas, but also on stones, wood and terracotta, you can create personal items out of simple stones or upcycle your boring looking flowerpots. The ink contains highly pigmented, lightfast and permanent acrylic paint. Their luminosity and effects will inspire you! They are available in up to 26 colours and  three different degrees of coverage (opaque, semi-opaque and transparent), allowing a wide variety of painting techniques.

The all-rounder in the acrylic range is the edding 5300 acrylic marker medium. With its medium bullet nib and a stroke width of 2-3 mm, you can draw precise lines and shapes. The edding 5300 acrylic marker with its fine bullet nib is the right product for effortlessly expressing your creativity on smaller areas or adding details to larger surfaces that will make your work of art unique!


  • – Valve-system allows even inkflow for great coverage
  • – Easy and clean to use for uncomplicated, spontaneous creativity
  • – Pluggable cap reduces the risk of loss
  • – High-quality brand product


  • – Shake the marker with the cap on
  • – Remove the cap
  • – Pump the marker with the nib downwards on e.g. a piece of scrap paper
  • – Carefully pump it up and down until ink fills the nib
  • – The marker is now ready to use
  • – Store horizontally and at room temperature (5-30 °C)


RRP: 3,89€ + 3.89€

5. edding 1200 colour pen fine 

You can write, draw or sketch on coloured light paper with many sorts of pens, but none make it as pleasant and simple as colour pen. Its fine bullet nib glides effortlessly over the surface when writing postcards or personal messages in greetings cards. Spontaneous sketches and drawings that need a steady stroke width are a piece of cake with this classic pen – plus it is available in many vibrant colours.

The edding 1200 colour pen fine has a 1 mm thick round nib. The pen’s ink is water-based and light-resistant, ensuring durable results on light coloured paper or card.


  • – Wide range of intense and delicate colours
  • – Cap can be stored on the end of the barrel to prevent risk of losing it
  • – Easy and clean to use for uncomplicated, spontaneous creativity
  • – High-quality brand product
  • – Complies to CE standard


RRP: 1.39€

6. transparent and red christmas baubles and planar wood ball

Design your own Christmas baubles in 3 cm and 6 cm diameter with your new edding markers and give your Christmas tree an individual touch. 

You can hang them on the Christmas Tree. They give the tree color and shine. Another option is to use them as window decorations. Christmas baubles can be hung on windows to make the interior look more festive. They can be attached to curtains or curtain rods to to catch the sunlight and create sparkling reflections. You can also use them as table decorations or Advent wreath decorations.

RRP: 2€

7. Chalkboard with easel

Delight and inspire with this small chalkboard with easel and your edding chalk marker 4085. The multifunctional boards to decorate for messages are suitable for  Christmas greetings, holidays, buffet tables, parties, etc. Further, the beautiful litte chalkboard can be used for motivational notes and messages in everday life. 

The chalkboard features a smooth black surface suitable for white or colored chalk or liquid chalk. The chalk can be wiped off and used over and over again.

RRP: 4€




Thanks for being on board for this upcrate. What was the most exciting part of your work with the box and what was the biggest challenge?
I appreciate collaborating with you, thank you! Working with the edding acrylic markers was the most exciting part, because I have done a lot with those materials in the past 2 years. Painting and doing lettering in christmas ornaments is for sure the most challenging part.

What is your artistic process like?
First of all, I find a very quite space with no distraction. On a piece of paper I write down my first ideas. From that, I sometimes check my old art, to see whether I can improve or change some of my ideas. After the draft there will be a structured outline how to implement the artistic steps.

Hello, I’m Christin, an illustrator, author, and content creator. I’ve authored books on watercolor, drawing, and lettering, and have collaborated with several creative companies in Germany.

A box specific question. What means Christmas and all the creative stuff around this time for you?
Christmas for me is a very cozy season and I love crafting, decorating and baking part of it. So I always try to work less around Christmas, so I have enough time to get all my ideas out.
How often do you make art and what does it mean to you?
I am making art weekly. For me it means to bring ideas out of my mind to live. I love to answer the question „Will it work?“ for myself. If it doesn’t I love to change and tweak my ideas until I am happy with the outcome.
What are you plans for the future?
My plans for the future will be more creative business online courses and more books in which I can bring ideas to live.
Tell us, how a day in your life looks like, if you not into art :)?
Everyday I am kind of creative. If I am not making art, I love to bake and cook, which I am almost doing daily. But I am also a mom and love to spend time with my child.

#upcrate51 HOW-TO-DO-VIDEO by Christin Stapff


with Katrin


Outside, it’s getting dark, inside, it’s getting cozy. And this box from edding meets all the requirements for a snugly creative evening with friends and a prelude to the Christmas season: acrylic markers, chalk markers, gloss paint markers, wooden ornaments, and much more. 

Your creativity is given free rein, and if that’s not enough? Grab your tree decorations from last year and spice them up a bit!

I’ve tried out the box and discovered various ways to conjure something magical with the materials. Here are my ideas:

Fresh or dried flowers and the two transparent ornament halves. It’s quite simple: Fill one half with flowers of your choice and close the ball with the other half.

To give it a wintery touch, I once again used the chalk marker to draw a few snowflakes and stars. By using the chalkmarker, the design of the bauble can be adapted the upcoming year. Alternatively, you could use the gloss paint marker, which makes your design permanent and durable. 

Tip: The ornament also serves as an incredibly sweet advent calendar: simply hide a small surprise inside among the flowers, ribbons, or a nice note and use the chalk pen to write the respective day on the ball!

Another idea would be a small photo on a string, knotted at the top of the hanging loop, then ‘captured’ inside between the halves.

Perhaps almost too classic, but of course: 

I immediately thought of Christmas decorations, sipped on cocoa, and began with the pattern design: inspired by some Scandinavian influences and letting the colors guide me. The red color of the acrylic marker pops beautifully  against the light wood tone and is perfectly complemented by gold, which also allows for working in a more dimensional manner. Using the acrylic 3D double liner’s fine tip, slowly applying some of the acrylic paint and letting it dry thoroughly, gives the ornament a tacticle relief! 

I wanted to refresh the classic combination of red and gold and added a few accents in blue.

A small, compact advent wreath. The white color of the chalk marker provides a contrast to the black chalkboard and is therefore ideal for imitating an Advent wreath.  Using simple shapes such as leaves, buds or berries and candles, you can design a beautiful arrangement. Each Sunday the drawing can be supplemented with a flame. Use the wooden stand that is included, to place it upright and to decorate your home. 

1. Let’s continue with the included paper: I wanted to create a few funky cards or gift tags from it. Using the acrylic 3D double liner, I initially drew two flowy lines, applying some pressure to the wide tip to create interesting textures. 

2. Then, with the black fibre pen, I added a simple figure. I gave her solid shoes and a small package that she holds in her hand. 

3. Finally, adding some red accents with the acrylic marker and bronze accents with the gloss spaint marker: earrings, a bow, and details on the pants. The card is now complete. This technique is great for easily creating many 

And suddenly, the table is full of decorations and art. Have fun recreating these ideas!



Hello everybody!
My name is Lina and although I am German, I live on the Spanish coast with my old cat Pepe.
As a child my favorite pastime was always drawing and painting, but then came other interests and life. However, at the beginning of 2021 , after a heavy blow of fate, I rediscovered my joy for the creative…. It helped me in this dark time to find peace and at the same time to do something very satisfying.

It was also then that I came across the Upcrate Box. It helped me a lot to find new artistic approaches, try different materials and discover styles. I entered the contests every month and share my images on social media (Instagram: @frigorifica). This way I could share my art journey with many others and also use it as my little art diary. Through this I quickly found new friends and inspiration. It’s just great to be part of the Upcrate and art community!
So many talented people, be it beginners or professional full time artists, are in this community. Every artwork is inspiring!

I have never attended an art school and teach myself my skills through art textbooks and tutorial videos. Watercolors, acrylics, markers, oil paints or pencils and crayons, by now I have tried every medium at least once. The same goes for the different painting styles and themes. I would love to be able to paint everything and paint with everything. I know that this is a rather unrealistic dream, but I hope I still have a lot of time for many more paintings. Therefore, I have not yet developed its own style. Most inspire me pictures of animals and nature. Especially pictures of my favorite animals, elephants.

I feel incredibly honored to be Sailor of the Month. It’s almost uncomfortable for me because I think I’m nowhere near as good as some of the other artists in this community. But I hope that my images inspire, excite and encourage you to keep creating new artwork. Just like yours always do for me!


#upcrate50 Amazing entires <3



TOPIC: get-together

Christmas is finally just around the corner. The time to get together. What does that mean to you? Show us on all the materials that the box has in store for you. We look forward to different interpretations and works of art that bring a smile to our faces 🙂


1. Use the materials in this month‘s upcrate. Let your creativity run free and create a great work of art

2. Post your artwork on Instagram with #upcratebattle #upcrate51 tag us @upcrate

Deadline: 26.12.23


the BIG edding Acrylic Mix