1. Ecoline Brush Pen “Frau Holle Set”

Dusky pink, mustard yellow and brown-red. These are the trend colors from Frau Hölle Studio, which has become famous for its lettering workshops and products! Together with a soft light pink and medium grey, endless color combinations can be created, all of which are harmonious and timeless. The Ecoline Frau Hölle Brush Pen Set was created from these colors.  The brush pen impresses with its flexible tip and the large selection of brilliant colors, thanks to its pure, dye-based formula. For best results, use the transparent colors on white or very light paper. If you wish, you can easily reduce the intensity of the colors by diluting them with water or using the Brush Pen Blender (sold separately). The pens are perfect for hand lettering, watercolor drawings, quick sketches and color accents.

Contents: 5 Brush Pens (704 Grey – 374 Pink Beige – 381 Pastel Red – 441 Mahocani – 227 Yellow Ochre).  Ecoline Brush Pen

Brilliant colors based on dye and gum arabic Practical pen with flexible brush tip Mix the colors with water and a brush to achieve beautiful watercolor effects and seamless color gradients Apply to wet paper for “wet-on-wet” techniques Adheres well to watercolor paper, Store horizontally to keep the colorant evenly distributed throughout the pen Moisten dried out tips with a little water to bring them back to life Store your artwork in a drawing folder for optimal color retention.

RRP: 15,00€

2. Amsterdam Acrylic marker 15 mm Oxide Black 735

Amsterdam acrylic marker in Oxide Black (735) is an opaque color with an excellent lightfastness (+++).

Our acrylic markers are a simple solution to create clear lines and add final touches to your acrylic painting. Use these markers to easily create line drawings, sketches and to quickly add accents of color directly to your work.

Before use, shake the marker with the cap on to let the ink flow and to mix the pigments with the binder. Hold the marker upright and depress the tip to release any internal pressure. The ink will start flowing to the tip and your marker is ready to be used. After use, firmly reapply the cap and store the marker horizontally.

  • Made with high-quality, lightfast pigments
  • Odorless, water-based formula that becomes waterproof and permanent when dry
  • Extensive range of 46 colors with a great variety in opacity, including reflex and metallic shades
  • Available in 3 different sizes (2 mm round nib, 4 mm round nib, 15 mm square nib) for extreme versatility
  • Reversible, replaceable nibs for extra longevity (extra nibs available separately)
  • Easy to use and adheres to virtually any slightly porous surface, including canvas, paper, cardboard, wood, stone and cement
  • Proudly crafted in Europe

RRP: 7,00€

3. Pigma Micron 10 – 0.60 mm – Black

Pigma Micron pens are waterproof and permanent fineliners that are loyally used by designers, scientists, archivists, architects, Manga artists, cartoonists, illustrators and hobbyists. The fine nib makes this pen ideal for creating both technical and artistic drawings. The fineliners have a protective metal sleeve around the extended tip to give extra control and increased resilience when used with drawing aids such as rulers.

Pigma Micron is the first disposable technical pen using archival pigmented ink.  It does not smear, feather, or bleed through on most paper.

  • Used by technical professionals such as anthropologists, entomologists, scientists, engineers, archivists, architects and in research laboratories.
  • Does not smear, feather, or bleed through on most paper.
  • Permanent, archival quality ink.
  • Waterproof, and fade resistant.
  • Water-based formulation of pigment-based inks, more complex and stable than dye-based inks.

RRP: 2,95€

4. Acrylic Colour Tube 40 ml Azo Yellow Light 268

Van Gogh acrylic colour is made with high-quality pigments under superior Dutch quality standards. This student-artist grade acrylic paint can be used straight from the metal tube, or thinned with water. Due to the short dry time, it is easy to paint layer upon layer quickly. The heavy-body paint has high pigment load for strong, intense colours for working with artist paint brush or palette knife. Van Gogh acrylic colour is available in 40 colours. This 40ml tube of Azo Yellow Light 268 is formulated with pigment(s) PY3/PY74, and has a lightfastness rating of ++ (25-100 years under museum conditions).

RRP: 3.00€

5. Artspaze Water Color Paper 300 gsm (5 sheets)

The Artspaze watercolor paper is ideal for all watercolor and mixed media applications! Like the deck of a ship, the 300g/m2 thick paper does not buckle if you work with multiple layers or wet on wet techniques. The cold-pressed paper has a rough and a smooth side, which offer the best surface for your art depending on your preference.




I’m a freelance concept artist and illustrator – specialized in character design – and I’m an Urban Sketchers french administrator.
I also teach visual storytelling and digital illustration in Art School.

What was the most exciting part of your work with the box and what was the biggest challenge?
It was fun to experiment with tools I’m not used to working with. The biggest challenge for me was to decide on a subject interesting enough to draw. It’s easy with this type of commission work to get caught up thinking the final artwork is going to define you for the time being. Another challenge was not to care about the local color (the object colors in real life) but instead to think in terms of values and hierarchy.

What is your artistic process like?
I usually work with passes, whether it’s digitally or with traditional tools. It helps me measure and simplify shapes mentally while building them up on the canvas, one part at a time.

This box is full of different art supplies. How do you deal with the different supplies to put them together into one artwork?
I’m used to creating with a very limited amount of tools, so it was quite a challenge to break that habit. Luckily, the Ecoline set is already thought to work together in a Sepia like color palette. The hardest part then was to decide in which order to use the fine line, the bold marker and the paint tube around this set.

Where do you find ideas for your art process?
I find it everywhere, mostly doing urban sketching in my daily life. But also in fashion, films, traveling…

How often do you make art and what does it mean to you?
Art is my main language, literally. But every attempt at creating doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Sometimes it’s only quick visual notes, cues of my surroundings or ideas. And sometimes it’s complexe pieces with hundreds of hours of work.

What are your plans for the future?
These days I’m learning Blender. I’d like to use it in my concept art and character design work. My objective in the near future is to bring my talents to the animation/movie industry. If you’re part of a production crew, my DMs are open. 😉

Tell us, what a day in your life looks like, if you’re not making art.
I like to balance my time at the desk with personal growth and healthy activities. Depending on the day I’d add a morning run, a yoga or a climbing session, some reading, cooking or spending time with friends.

#upcrate55 HOW-TO-DO-VIDEO by Julien Schleiffer

The Easter Special Mix Box


with Katrin


#upcrate55 HOW-TO-DO-VIDEO by Sarkasik

In this box, there’s a colorful mix of water-based brush markers, an acrylic marker from Amsterdam, acrylic paint, and a fineliner. Many possibilities, and I’ll show you one right away: For this, we start with a yellow base and let the acrylic paint dry well.

In the second step, we activate the acrylic marker by shaking it well and pressing the tip onto the paper several times. With loose, sweeping lines, I outline the motif, a cute pair of chanterelle mushrooms.

With the brown brush marker, I now add the shadows, at the base of the mushrooms and underneath the cap. You can add as many or as few details here as you like! 🙂

We do the exact same thing with the mid-tones using the next brush marker, I’ve chosen old rose here. Since the brush markers are water-based, you can re-activate them with each other to create gradients. You can create more dynamic by consciously adding color accents outside of the motif as well 🙂

In the third step, I grabbed the darkest brush marker to refine the finer details. Here it is the ridges that run down the stem, which are super characteristic of the chanterelle.

With the last brush marker, which in my case is gray, I go back into the depths and blend some colors. This blurs the ridges on the large mushroom at the top left under the cap very nicely and softens the illustration.

With the fineliner, I add the final details, and the illustration is complete! Have fun tracing!


#upcrate54 Amazing entires <3

Topic: …


TOPIC: your magic

this month only you are in demand. Your magic on paper. We’ll give you 2 different ideas and you can give everything you’ve got artistically.
Still life or portrait. Your decision.


1. Use the materials in this month‘s upcrate. Let your creativity run free and create a great work of art

2. Post your artwork on Instagram with #upcratebattle #upcrate55 tag us @upcrate

Deadline: 24.04.24


a big box worth 80€