Your questions – Our answers
How do I subscribe to Upcrate?2020-05-09T12:50:42+02:00

Just click here to select your plan.

You can cancel at any time

Where does Upcrate ship to?2019-04-24T20:47:38+02:00

It is simple. We ship worldwide. 

Will there be a delivery charge?2020-06-19T13:35:55+02:00

Shipping is always free of charge. However for some countries where boxes have frequently been lost in the past, a mandatory tracking charge of EUR 2,50 will apply to be sure your crate arrives safely. You will see whether it applies when checking-out.

Which art supplies will be in the crate?2019-04-24T20:49:32+02:00

This will be surprise for each box. Part of the excitement of Upcrate is that you never know what is going to be inside. Be certain that it will be art supplies that you love.

How many items will be in each crate?2019-04-24T20:53:23+02:00

This is a mystery as well. The box is filled depending on the value of the art supplies. You can be sure that the value of the content is worth more than the price you pay for the subscription.

Why is there a cut-off date?2019-04-24T20:54:09+02:00

Each month we have a cut-off date to ensure we can plan for all the boxes to be packed and shipped. All subscribers that start with their Upcrate after this date will be added to the subscriber list for the next month.

How long until I get my crate?2019-11-23T11:26:54+01:00

Your boxes will be shipped around the 15th of the month. Once your crates have been shipped out, we will notify you. It will take about 4-8 days for subscribes in Europe and 10-15 days to reach international subscribers.

I would like to buy a gift box for somebody else. How to do?2019-11-20T21:20:47+01:00

If you would like to buy an Upcrate for someone as a gift just click the gift option in your cart.You will be directed to the shop where you can insert your invoice address and the delivery address of the happy person who will receive an Upcrate with the next delivery that we ship out every month. A Captain Crate gift card with the name of the receiver and yours will be inside and sent with the Upcrate to its destination.

What is the difference between a gift box and regular subscription?2019-04-24T20:57:48+02:00

The gift option can be bought in our shop and is a one-time order. Gift crates will not automatically renew itself. We hope that the receiver of your gift box turns to a regular subscriber ????

How do I become a featured artist in one of the crates?2019-04-24T21:00:13+02:00

We welcome talented artists that would like to become part of Upcrate. Send us an email with some photos of your artworks to info@upcrate.art and we will get back to you soon.

How do I get my products in the next crates?2019-04-24T21:00:45+02:00

You are convinced our subscribers should get hands on your products? Send an email to info@upcrate.art with more information about your products and you will hear from us soon.

How can I pay to subscribe?2019-04-24T21:01:18+02:00

You have different options like using Paypal, credit cards or SEPA transfers. Check out our payment options during the check-out process.

Can I pay in US Dollars or any other currency?2019-04-24T21:01:55+02:00

As we are based in Germany all prices on the website are listed in EUR. If you are an international subscriber your payment provider will make the conversion to your local currency automatically. 

When will I be billed for my subscription?2019-04-24T21:04:42+02:00

You will be billed once you start your subscription. For all following boxes it depends on your chosen plan. Have a look here.

If I cancel my subscription, do I get a refund?2019-04-24T21:05:37+02:00

Canceling your subscription only stops the subscription and prevents any more payments being processed. You will still be sent the number of boxes that you had previously paid for before cancelling. You may have the chance to get a refund unless the box has been shipped. Please get in touch with us at info@upcrate.art

Any other questions?

You are welcome to contact us for any other questions or inquiries anytime. Shoot us an email to info@upcrate.art

When can I quit my subscription2020-05-09T12:55:41+02:00

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Just login into your account. Click to “My subscription”, there you can find the Action “Unsubscribe”.