Let it out, disco disco pARty pARTy with #upcrate33 May crate 🌈🎉⚡️
Ahoi Artcrew! Create shiny, pearlescent pieces with the one of a kind @skrim_watercolors that are part of your crate. Combine them with your new @vangoghdeutschland Half Pans and the @winsorandnewton Drawing Inks for beautifully luminous color transitions. Apply your paints on @st_cuthberts_mill Saunders Waterford CP Watercolor Paper with your @pinceauxleonard Lavis Fauve Brush and the Water Tank Brush by @artspaze.art 🎉
Many thanks to our CoCaptain @tantanni for creating that crate with us 💜 You are so talented!!
😍 Also big thank you to the artists of that month bottlepost @polarts_iv @anygoart @honykugel @rikibeztiki and @lapetiteruse 🙃 Sailor of the month was @rusamibe.art