Aye Aye Mates! All Mates on deck!! FEBRUARY CRATE #upcrate6 🤗🤗 This month’s we present our main product being vibrant water colors tubes of in six different color. Use your new @milan.1918 water tank brush or small traditional brush to apply color on @vangoghdeutschland 300 gsm water color paper. The three @kohinoor_hardtmuth color pencils are great to add details. Did you like @fox_m.b foxy artwork? 😍 Always aware of animals thats why we chose the battle love of animals this time. Check out how @fox_m.b uses all these materials in her how-to-do video on youtube. 💫

Also there are super functional asymmetric paper clips by #laurelklammern. Have you been able to use your clips yet?