1. Van gogh Oil Pastel starter set, 12 pcs set

Van Gogh oil pastels are briliant colours made with pure pigments, mineral oils, and wax binders for a remarkably soft and smooth laydown with no dust. Wonderful tinting strength and easy colour transfer. Suitable on various grounds. This 12-stick general colour selection set includes: White(5) (100.5), Deep Yellow(5) (202.5), Lemon Yellow(5) (205.5), Yellow Ochre(5) (227.5), Vermillion(5) (311.5), Carmine(7) (318.7), Burnt Umber(5) (409.5), Ultramarine(5) (504.5), Phthalo Blue(5) (570.5), Permanent Green Medium(5) (614.5), Phthalo Green(5) (675.5), Black(5) (700.5).

RRP: 9,35€

2. Conté à Paris – Crayons Matchbox of 4

The set contains 4 square, bright crayons, which are made from a combination of pigments, clay and binder. Crayons are harder than pastels and charcoal, so they are less dusty and easier to control. Crayons can be sharpened to a chisel point with a sanding block to create detailed work, or laid flat on their side to apply various shading techniques to large areas. The bold, vibrant colours of crayons can be easily mixed to create different effects. Several layers can be applied on top of each other to create vibrant colours. Their high opacity makes them ideal for working on all types of paper and card, and their quality guarantees long-lasting drawings. The pencils are 6 cm long and 0.5 cm wide.

RRP: 3,95€

3. Wooden Stylus Scratcher

This convenient wooden stylus scratcher is ideal for adding texture to your artwork. It has been sanded smooth and polished for safety, eliminating any concerns about splinters. Additionally, its specially crafted design features a tapered end, making it perfect for precise and controlled scratching and scoring.

RRP: 1,00€

4. Centropen 2536, black, 1mm

Unleash your creativity with centropens 2536 permanent Marker – a powerhouse in precision and durability. Designed with an ERGO grip for ergonomic comfort, this alcohol-based marker writes effortlessly on most surfaces, making it a versatile choice for various projects. The round tip delivers a precise 1mm line width, ensuring accuracy in every stroke. With extra light-fast properties, this marker stands the test of time, resisting water, abrasion, and weathering. Trust in this marker’s resilience and performance. Elevate your writing experience with a tool that combines innovation, durability, and exceptional quality.

RRP: 1.00€

5. SMLT 230 gsm oil painting paper

This oil painting pad is glued with a hard back cover. It is a natural white coarse embossed linen paper. Best suitable for oil, acrylic and spray paintings. The paper is PH neutral, Acid and lignin free which guarantees a long life plus it is FSC certified. Made in Lithuania.

RRP: 6.00€

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Live Art Club is an all female creative collective, consisting of 3 artists – Leonie Henze, Ines Häßler and Tina Dauenhauer. 

Whether drawing, illustrating, spraying, tattooing or painting – we have a passion for all things creative. But what excites us even more is sharing it. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to spread inspiration and creative spirit.
It is precisely out of this desire that the Live Art Club was born – a creative collective that regularly encourages you to get creative with step-by-step instructions, workshops and installations in public spaces!

It is the first time, we have a „Creative Collective“ as our artist(s) of the month. Tell us something about the project „LiveArtClub?

The Live Art Club is an all-female collective from Hamburg (Ines Häßler, Leonie Henze and Tina Dauenhauer) and together we have made it our mission to spread inspiration and creative spirit. We founded the Live Art Club during the pandemic and the lockdown. What started as a weekly online drawing lesson on sundays has now – 3 years later – become so much more than an instagram-livestream. We not only offer live drawing lessons and workshops, but also develop creative concepts as a collective and implement them individually. Whether installations in creative spaces, mural design, product development, print designs or charity actions – together we make the world a little more colorful!

What was the most exciting part of your work with the box and what was the biggest challenge?

The design was developed by Leo and she was particularly excited to work professionally with the products for the first time. That was also the biggest task. Chalk is such a wonderful creative tool, but first you need to understand it. Compared to acrylic or water paints, it is a product where you should first try out a lot to get to know the material. When painting with the chalks, she noticed how particularly bright the colors are and how easy it is to paint opaque and smooth color gradients. As a little tip: you can mix two colors very well with your finger and with the wooden scratch you can then get perfect small structures and patterns into the smooth surface.

You have already done some projects together as LIVE ART CLUB, what was the biggest and most exciting one?

 In recent years, we have had the chance to experiment & express ourselves creativly with our own product development, wall design, children’s drawing lessons, our interactive drawing booth or our recent offline drawing-workshops. We think the biggest and most exciting project is the process itself and working together as a team of 3. Together we have so many creative ideas and complement each other very well, which is very inspiring.

How do you manage to agree on a concept and style together and what connects you as a group?

We are fortunate that all three of us often have similar opinions about projects and their implementation, and complement each other very well. And if (in very rare cases ) that isn’t the case – communication is key. Of course, it is not only important to create a space for discussion, but also to have acceptance for other opinions and tastes. The desire to create awareness for art and inspire people in doing so is the most crucial connection that brings us together again and again.

Where do you find ideas for your art process?

 Whether in everyday moments, in creative exchanges with other artists, during joint Live Art Club trips or simply enquiries from others. Our ideas develop in a variety of ways, but above all through the creative exchange between each other.

How often do you make art and what does it mean to you?

Because there are three of us, it is not possible to answer this one-size-fits-all. Depending on the capacity and the order, we always try to be creative without pressure. Our art is to a large extent our profession, which means that our art is above all self-determination, inspiration and everyday life. If time allows, we also like to be creative without a professional context and try out materials, creative hobbies and new techniques.

Further projects of LIVE ART CLUB:

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Product development//Sketchbook edition for the 3rd anniversary

Pangea Festival 2022//LAC “Zeichenbude”

Millerntorgallery 2022//Mural “Create Hot Stuff”

Slow Art Festival//Mural “Slow”


with Katrin


This time there’s an exciting mix in the box: pastel chalks and oil pastels. Some are chalk-based, super dusty – the others are oil-based and the exact opposite. Pasty, vivid, and incredibly opaque. Does that even work together? Let’s try.


Both can be blended well with your fingers, but they’ll leave you quite messy afterward. If that bothers you, you can also use a tissue or blending tool.

#upcrate54 HOW-TO-DO-VIDEO by sarkasik

First, I use the pastel chalks to roughly fill in the background. A better transition in the gradient can be achieved later when blending, when mixing the colors already during the application.

Blend, blend, blend! If the background is too light, repeat step one and blend again. I repeated this process about three times until I was satisfied. You don’t have to stick exactly to the color areas either. By slightly shifting the color boundaries against each other, you’ll achieve a smoother transition.

In the third step, I start sketching the lemons with the yellow oil pastels. And also the leaves, to build up the composition.

In essence, I work my way through the oil pastel box, using the background as a guide to leave negative shapes and create contrast with the oil pastels. The more pressure applied, the more intense and solid the color application.

Finally, I add brown and black to introduce more contrast. After applying these dark colors, I go over them with another color to add variety to the shadows and prevent them from being too overwhelming.

Finally, I use a simple craft knife to carve additional details, such as the veins in the leaves and some details in the lemons, freeing up the background from the beginning. That’s it. Have fun painting along!


#upcrate53 Amazing entires <3

Topic: interaction


TOPIC: all we need is fruit

It’s slowly becoming spring. it’s slowly becoming more colorful again. We want to see the bright colors of the nautical world. It’s a wonder what a wonderful play of colors it gives us. In the gray everyday life we want to give you and Instagram a good time and give you free rein this month. The main thing is colorful, the main thing is healthy:) On with the fruit. The context of the integration of a fruit is completely up to you.


1. Use the materials in this month‘s upcrate. Let your creativity run free and create a great work of art

2. Post your artwork on Instagram with #upcratebattle #upcrate54 tag us @upcrate

Deadline: 24.03.24


a big box worth 80€