PAGES TO PULL UP: The accordion-style pull-up sketchbook from Artspaze is the perfect tool for landscape painting, urban sketching, illustration and urban sketching. The cold-pressed watercolour paper features two different surfaces on both sides.
SPACE FOR ENDLESS CREATIVITY: This 18 sheet foldable watercolour paper gives you the space to tell any story, no matter how broad the panorama or your imagination. Stretch your ideas across multiple pages and dynamically connect scenes and impressions in a continuous format.
100% COTTON: The 300 g artist-quality paper is made of 100% cotton and is perfect for wet-on-wet techniques with brushes. Colour can be blended together to create great watercolour effects, colour gradations and add extra colour to the source colour while the surface is still wet.
HIGH QUALITY AQUARELL PAPER: The pure cotton makes this paper exceptionally durable and allows multiple layers of paint to be applied without removing the cotton fibre from the surface. Removing paint with a clean brush will not damage the paper. Perfect for all mixed media techniques.
FLEXIBILITY & PROTECTION: The two heavy dark blue fabric covers protect your artwork and an elastic closure keeps it together during transport. This high-quality artist paper is completely acid-free and protects your artwork from fading. Your bright and radiant colours will not discolour over time.