Aye Aye Mates! Herrrre we gooo!
JANUARY CRATE 🤗🤗 This month’s we present our main product being fantastic acrylic water based markers of @loopcolors in different tip sizes with a replacement nip as well. Use you @upcrate dagger brush to delute them with water and apply them on @kelidoo.art Vang 300gsm universal paper. In addition it features a pack of 10 @kores_group K-Line fineliners, a @staedtler Lumograph Black 6B and a @stabilo HB Graphite pencil with a small eraser.
Also there is a super handy @rapescoFoldback clips to e.g. hand-up your artwork on a small rope in your home. How are you suing your rapesco clips?
Have a look what @sarkasik made with her crate and check out her How-to-do video on youtube 😍 Thank you for the love me heARTies😘