Artention: The white Turner tube is only available as 11ml, not 20ml.


There’s magic inside! Lets see what we have.. its time for art, Its time for #upcrate30.

Follow along @neimykanani ‘s dreamy artwork of “Adelais Adventures” and make your own creative fantasies come to life with this crate.

Enjoy the opaque and transparent properties of @turnercolourworks Acryl Gouache and the matching Turner brush set. Along with upcrate’s eyedropper and a natural sponge, you can either distribute your paints evenly or create texture on top of @st_cuthberts_mill Saunders Waterford watercolour paper. Use your new @pentel_eu Orenz Mechanical Pencil to sketch out your ideas before you paint; and add crisp details and fine lines where you see fit with the black @pilot_pen_deutschland G-Tex C4 gel pen. Happy creating!

Thank you Neimy for creating this beautiful crate with us.

Your art is amazing and it was a pleasure working with you! Also big thank you to the artists of that month bottlepost @honykugel and @lapetiteruse who created a new cool chapter, Sailor of the month was @rangie_art