100% BLEEDING PROOF: With this revolutionary special paper, you no longer have to worry about your ink getting on the other side – no matter how many layers you apply! You can get the most out of your 30 sheets of paper by using the backs as well.
ALL SIDES USABLE: The paper acts like an impermeable wall: even alcohol-based graphic markers won’t bleed through to the other side. This means you can use the reverse side as if it were a completely new piece of paper with no ink residue. So you have 60 pages of white paper for your creative works of art. Simply clever and environmentally friendly!
VERSATILE APPLICATION: From marker to acrylic, from ink to gouache, from biros to pencil – this drawing book is suitable for almost all applications and the impermeable paper will amaze any urban sketcher, manga, graffiti, mix media artist.
MULTIPLE APPLICATION: The complete impermeability of the thick paper allows layers of paint to be applied multiple times without bending. This drawing pad can be perfectly used as a blackbook without removing pages because both sides can be used.
SPIRAL BINDING & MICROPERFORATION: The microperforation of each sheet makes it easy to cleanly tear the sheet out of the spiral binding. This gives you an exact A4 (297 x 210 mm) size sheet. The double loop spiral binding provides enough stability to keep the pages in the sketchbook together.

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